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The B1 level of Cambridge English Qualifications.

This is the B1 level of the Cambridge English Qualifications. In this level, students will learn to master the basics of English and have practical language skills for everyday use. This qualification shows that you can

  • read simple textbooks and articles in English
  • write letters and emails on everyday subjects
  • take meeting notes
  • show awareness of opinions and mood in spoken and written English.


The course is designed to prepare the students for the Cambridge test format for the listening, reading and writing papers. These papers teach different English skills that are divided into parts. Once the students have completed all the parts, they move on to the next stage.

  • Stage One: Introduction
  • Stage Two: Repetition
  • Stage Three: Reinforcement

Each activity must be completed for the student to move on to the next unit. Nearly all responses are graded automatically and students enrolled in courses with a teacher will be able to discuss any questions they have about the answers. At the end of the course, students will receive a certificate to mark their achievement for completing this online Cambridge English course.

What will the student learn?

Listening: to follow and understand a range of spoken materials including announcements and discussions about everyday life.

Reading and Writing: to understand the main points from signs, newspapers and magazines, and to use vocabulary and structure correctly.

What Will I Learn?

  • Practise intermediate reading comprehension
  • Write letters and other writing skills
  • Intermediate listening skills
  • Preparation for B1 Preliminary for Schools Cambridge exam

Topics for this course

60 Lessons

Stage 1: Introduction?

This is the introduction for the Cambridge KET track.
#01 Questions
#02 Reading Practice – Part 2
#02 Questions
#03 Reading Practice – Part 3
#03 Questions
#04 Reading Practice – Part 4
#04 Questions
#05 Reading Practice – Part 5
#05 Questions
#06 Reading Practice – Part 6
#06 Questions
#07 Listening Practice – Part 1
#07 Questions
#08 Listening Practice – Part 2
#08 Questions
#09 Listening Practice – Part 3
#09 Questions
#10 Listening Practice – Part 4
#10 Questions

Stage 2: Repetition 1?

This is the 1st repetition stage for the Cambridge PET track.

Stage 3: Repetition 2?

This is the 2nd repetition stage for the Cambridge PET track.

Stage 4: Repetition 3?

This is the 3rd repetition stage for the Cambridge PET track.

Stage 5: Repetition 4?

This is the 4th repetition stage for the Cambridge PET track.

Stage 6: Reinforcement?

This is the reinforcement stage for the Cambridge PET track.

Material Includes

  • 60 Practice Test Parts
  • Instant Test Results
  • Writing Feedback


  • Make sure the level (B1) is correct for you. You'll need to be able to play the audio tracks for the Listening units.

Target Audience

  • This course is for ESL students who are preparing to sit the Cambridge B1 Preliminary for Schools (PET) exam, or English learners who want extra practice at the B1 level.